News Releases 2011-2015

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12/15/2015Sandoval Names Terri Albertson Director, Department of Motor Vehicles
(Governor's News Release)

11/23/2015Avoid Thanksgiving crowds at the DMV

10/23/2015DMV cuts wait times by 65 percent

10/11/2015Sandoval Names Transportation Authority Chairman, Interim DMV Director
(Governor's News Release)

9/29/2015Sandoval Announces Retirement of Troy Dillard, DMV Director
(Governor's News Release)

9/17/2015Governor, DMV break ground for new office

9/14/2015Governor to highlight groundbreaking for new DMV office

8/17/2015DMV offers movement permits online

7/24/2015DMV reports wait times are dropping

7/22/2015DMV eliminates outside access to queue system at metro offices

7/9/2015DMV, DPS to support motorcycle awareness event in Carson City

7/9/2015DMV Adding New Employees to Ease Crunch at Offices

6/30/2015DMV to Start Assessing $1 Technology Fee on July 1st

6/26/2015Clark County Veterans Endorsing Electronic Exemption Process

6/17/2015Clark County Veterans May Now Claim Tax Exemptions Online and at Kiosks

5/5/2015Freightliner Inspiration Truck Receives Autonomous Vehicle Licensing from Nevada DMV
(PR Newswire)
See also Autonomous Vehicles.

4/20/2015DHS establishes enforcement date for Real ID

3/11/2015Wait Times at DMV: A Case of Supply and Demand

1/7/2015DMV Moves to New Temporary Tag System

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11/24/2014DMV Recommends Customers Avoid Wednesday And Monday

11/12/2014DMV to offer Real ID driver’s licenses

10/30/2014DMV announces winners in 150th license plate photo contest

10/30/2014Officials to unveil "DMV in a Box" at Raley’s in Reno, Sparks

9/5/2014DMV Dash Pass comes to Las Vegas

6/24/2014DMV Offers Nevada 150th License Plate Photo Contest

6/20/2014DMV rolls out Dash Pass queuing system in Carson City

6/18/2014DMV plans statewide sweep

6/13/2014DMV rolls out new clean air campaign

5/22/2014Officials to Unveil "DMV in a Box" in Gardnerville Raley’s

5/7/2014Live demo test scheduled for truck technology

5/6/2014Nevada state agencies to observe truck technology demonstration

2/28/2014DMV to roll out new queuing system in Reno

1/6/2014DAC traffic is steady for DMV

1/3/2014DMV computer system repair/upgrade scheduled for tonight

1/3/2014DMV computer system shutdown causes delays

2013 Top ↑

12/30/2013DMV prepared for DAC applicants

12/20/2013Out-of-state businesses will need to obtain permits

11/1/2013DMV Accepting Translator Applications

10/24/2013Las Vegas Vehicle Registration Service Owner Arrested

10/7/2013DMV sets public hearing for Driver Authorization Card regulations

9/9/2013Airports association license plate coming to DMV

8/9/2013Two new license plates coming to DMV

7/31/2013DMV sets public workshop for Driver Authorization Card regulations

7/24/2013DMV focus on customer service is working

7/24/2013Nevada’s 150th Sesquicentennial License Plate Now on Sale

7/17/2013DMV Warns of Web Scam

7/9/2013Officials to Unveil "DMV in a Box" in West Las Vegas

7/8/2013Sandoval Announces Availability of 150th License Plates at DMV

7/2/2013West Flamingo DMV Open with Limited Air Conditioning

7/1/2013West Flamingo DMV Closed Due to Heat

6/19/2013Sandoval Names Dillard Director of DMV

6/7/2013Sandoval Signs Bill Establishing the 150th Sesquicentennial License Plate

6/5/2013Public responds to DMV web portal

5/9/2013DMV enhances service for online users

4/22/2013DMV office on Sahara closed

4/15/2013Two new license plates now available

4/5/2013Nevada Veterans Tax Exemptions Go Online

3/19/2013DMV to open self-service kiosk in Albertsons

1/28/2013Motor Vehicle Network starts DMV installations

2012 Top ↑

11/21/2012Use DMV Alternatives to Avoid “Black Monday”

11/16/2012DMV Warns Against Phone Solicitations

10/29/2012DMV Cracking Down on Unlicensed Dealers

10/29/2012Governor Appoints Bruce Breslow as Director of Business and Industry; Dillard Named Interim DMV Director

7/12/2012Pahrump DMV Closed Due to Weather

7/11/2012Henderson DMV Experiencing Air Conditioning Problems

6/11/2012Fernley "DMV in a Box" Relocated

5/7/2012Nevada DMV Issues First Autonomous Vehicle Testing License to Google

3/16/2012Kiosk Maps: Avoid the Drive with a “DMV in a Box”

3/13/2012Media Advisory: Kiosk Ribbon Cutting - Reno  |  Press Kit

3/5/2012Media Advisory: Kiosk Ribbon Cutting - Las Vegas  |  Press Kit

2/15/2012Regulations Clear the Road for Self-driving Cars

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11/23/2011Use Alternative Services to Avoid "Black Monday"

11/10/2011Fallen Military License Plate Now Available

10/5/2011DMV Goes Mobile on iPhone - Governor's News Release

7/22/2011Media Advisory: Bistro Opens at Reno DMV

7/22/2011Chicago Man Missing Since 1979 Found in Las Vegas

7/13/2011Legislators to Unveil ‘DMV in a Box’ at Craig and Decatur Albertsons

6/30/2011New Insurance Liability Coverage Law Kicks in July 1

5/26/2011DMV Customer Arrested for Alleged Bribery

5/6/2011DMV Technician Arrested on Fraud Charges

4/1/2011MEDIA ADVISORY: "Capitol Kiosk" Demonstration Next Week

3/28/2011Ribbon Cuttings Slated Tuesday for "DMV in a Box" at Gardnerville, Sparks Scolari’s

3/1/2011Fernley "DMV in a Box" Ribbon Cutting Tomorrow

2/24/2011"DMV in a Box" Debuts in Fernley

2/15/2011Wait Times at DMV Metro Offices Now on the Web

1/28/2011Fake Documents Factory Busted, Four Arrested

1/19/2011Two New Administrators Appointed to DMV Divisions

1/11/2011Troy Dillard Named DMV Deputy Director

1/10/2011DMV Pursues Fraudulent Vehicle Brokers