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Minutes of the Meeting



 PLACE:                      Washoe County Health Department
                                     Conference Room B

                                     1001 E 9th Street
                                     Reno Nevada

 DATE:                        July 30, 2002

 TIME:                        1:00 p.m.


Committee Members:

Lloyd Nelson: Program Manager of Emission Control of the Department of Motor Vehicles, Dianne Stortz-Lintz: Environmental Scientist of the Department of Motor Vehicles, Mike Painter: Department of Transportation, Chet Sergent: Division of Environmental Protection, Connie Anderson: Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency, Andrew Goodrich: Washoe County Air Quality, Dennis Ransel: Clark County Air Quality, Catherine MacDougall: Clark County Air Quality.


Jaimarie Dagdagan: Administrative Assistant III of Emission Control of the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, James Sohns: Nevada Car Owner’s Association, Brian Kerally: Smog Busters, Allan Brooke: Instant Smog, Rick Fields: Instant Smog, Ray Roach: Nevada Motor Transport Assoc., Ron Levine: Nevada Motor Transport Assoc., Karina O’ Conner: EPA, Steven Grabski: Commission on Measurement Standards, Peter Krueger: Nevada Petroleum Marketers Association, Glenn Smith: Compliance Enforcement Division of Dept. of Motor Vehicles

 I           Call to Order

II            Approval of minutes of the meeting on 04-23-2002.

Dianne Stortz-Lintz motioned to approve April 23, 2002 minutes; Chet Sergent seconded.

 III        Dianne Stortz-Lintz from the Department of Motor Vehicles briefed the committee regarding the I/M subcommittee meeting on Heavy Duty Diesel Emission Control Strategies and proposed NRS and NAC changes.

§         There was a controversy with the language of the proposed changes on NAC 445B.7665. It was suggested that language be changed so that the old opacity meters could only be used to enforce the lesser opacity standards.

§         Nevada Motor Transport Association’s has drafted a Bill Draft Request NRS 445B.700-845 that bring all vehicles into the opacity standard and bring in all heavy-duty diesels 8,500 to 14,000 lb GVWR.

§         Dianne is assessing the impact on the Nevada Smog Check Program changing the word “Diesels” to “Special Fuels.” She and Adele are trying to look into how these changes would affect alternate fuel vehicles in the long term.

§         Joe Johnson (not present) wanted reports that outlined the options for control of heavy duty diesel emissions, an inventory showing the percent of heavy duty diesel emissions out of the total vehicle emission inventory.

§         Dennis Ransel reported that Clark County is submitting a Bill Draft Request to enable both Clark and Washoe Counties to collect emission fees from Diesel equipment on construction sites.

§         Clark County has contracted a study that defines chemical composition and speciation of PM 2.5 in Las Vegas.

§         Clark County is developing a complete vehicle inventory for Clark.

·        Jim Sohns commented that they should control emissions from off-road heavy-duty diesels.

·        Dianne Stortz-Lintz said that there isn’t an enforceable emission standard for these vehicles because they weren’t manufactured with emission standards.

·        Dennis Ransel said that Clark County would use the off-road diesel permit fees to for research, prototyping and developing a feasible, workable off-road diesel emission control strategy.

·        Brian Keraly suggested making the off-road diesels get a moving permit and Ron Levine noted that off-road diesels are special moving equipment and are therefore are exempt from having to be permitted.

§         Lloyd Nelson informed everyone that there will be a workshop coming up to discuss changes in NAC445B.780 which concerns lowering of opacity standards for on-road heavy-duty diesel vehicles on August 8th and 14th.

§         Dennis Ransel asked why the 70% opacity was used for the 1976 models. Lloyd Nelson stated he knows a little history; opacity wasn’t considered an issue prior to 1976 so it would be difficult for the engines to be held to a higher standard.

§         Dennis Ransel commented that from the Air Quality perspective, the older vehicles are the dirtier vehicles and asked if 55% not realistic for them.

§         Lloyd Nelson said that other states were using similar standards. The Nevada program is not currently checking 1976 and older vehicles therefore we do not have any history to which to compare.

§         Ron Levine asked if this is a tighter program. Lloyd Nelson was affirmative. Ron commented on the Heavy Duty Diesel proposed amendments specifically, Section B and C. He asked why the language does not include 1977 and 1990 vehicles. Lloyd said he would look into it.

§         Brian Keraly wanted to know why it says “Heavy Duty Motor Vehicles” on it. Chet said that is the current title for that section of regulations.

§         Lloyd asked Glenn Smith if their enforcement team checks medium duty and heavier vehicles. Glenn replied that they test 8500 lb and above.


IV        Andy Goodrich discussed Washoe County District Health Department’s analysis of the benefits of the Heavy Duty Diesel Smoke Enforcement Program.

§         Andy distributed statistical handouts (attached) 

§         The purpose to justify a program similar to heavy-duty diesel opacity enforcement with that of Clark County. The Washoe County heavy-duty diesel emission control program doesn’t currently have the resources to perform surface street stops.   

 §         Assumptions:

·        Washoe County surface street testing and results would be substantially similar to Clark County.

·        The profile of the Washoe County fleet is essentially similar to that of Clark County.

·        30,000 per year mileage.

§         Resulting in a 196 ton per year emission reduction at a cost of $510/ton.

§         Andy asked if he can get the failure rate data by the location, how many failed at weigh stations, fleet yards and surface streets. Dianne Stortz-Lintz stated she has complete data from 8500 and up by county. She said she would send the file to Andy.

§         Andy asked if ex plates such as school bus are registered. Lloyd stated they should be registered in Genesis.   


V         Dianne Stortz-Lintz, gave a brief status of OBD II implementation. Dianne distributed copies of the OBD II handouts, which is also available for the general public if there are any requests for presentation (attached)

§         Dianne discussed the advisory period. Nevada will have an advisory period until January 1, 2003. During this advisory period, cars that failed OBD II will be 2 speed idle tested.

§         She stated there is still a waiver program for OBD II vehicles. Nobody asked them to change waiver requirements although EPA recommends that there not be a waiver program for OBDII.

§         Allen Brooke stated that most OBD II equipped vehicles are still under manufacturer’s warranty so why doesn’t the motorist just get their vehicle repaired. Lloyd stated if the vehicle is under warranty, they should take it to the dealer. Major components are guaranteed for 8 years or 80, 000 miles whichever comes first and the rest of the components are covered for 2 years or 24, 000 miles.

§         Dianne stated that they do not have information regarding problem vehicles.

§         Andy asked how many vehicles are showing up not-ready or had failed the OBD emission test. Dianne stated she does not have that information. She expects to have a report soon from World Com.

§         Peter Krueger stated DMV should be forcing World Com to provide that information as part of the contract. Lloyd replied that World Com had provided basic pass/fail information. But DMV needed an enhanced application that is in development.

§         Dianne stated that there are few machines in Clark County that are not doing OBD II Test. DMV is in the process of turning off the old NV 94 this month.

§         Allan Brooke asked if regulations would be uniformly enforced in both Clark and Washoe County. Lloyd stated as far as regulation goes, the only real difference in the emission programs would be the waiver where Clark county has a $450.00 and repairs have to be done in an authorized 2G facility wherein Washoe county still have the self repair with limit of $200.00 that can either be done in a 2G facility or at by the owner.

§         Bryan Keraly asked if the department had done any public campaign on OBD II. Lloyd stated DMV developed a good website for it. He will talk to Tom Jacobs, DMV public information officer, to get a PR campaign.


VI            Washoe and Clark counties discussed current status/actions taken on grant applications

§         Lloyd stated he had given Dennis and Andy the first set of the grants. Things look positive for the rest of the grants. They are going to start working on the interlocal agreements to be presented to their Deputy Director. They sent the Dedicated Funding to the counties but will not going to make it to the IFC meeting in September. He suggested making it as a whole package for October’s meeting.


VII       Dennis Ransel briefed the committee on the contracted study to evaluate the I/M program effectiveness.

§         Dennis discussed the difference between Mobile 6 versus Mobile 5. One of the defaults on Mobile 6 is the I/M effectiveness. To get good information out from Mobile 6, they will be performing two studies. One study they will be contracting with Parsons Engineering is to utilize data from DMV to analyze the effectiveness of the I&M program. The other study involves accurately characterizing the fleet and vehicle miles traveled. They hope to have these studies completed by the end of the year.          

VIII      Other Business

§         Jim Sohns discussed issues with “dummy” smog certificates from illegal smog stations, junk cars without smog inspection being sold at auctions and incompetent inspectors doing “phony” test. Lloyd stated that the only thing that is required to be emission tested by the seller would be a retail sale. Jim suggested requiring smog inspection from all car sellers. Lloyd stated with regards to Volunteers of America and agencies like that, Compliance Enforcement doesn’t have authority to cite them and to do so would probably have to go through NRS change.

·        Peter Krueger agreed with Brian Keraly to have sworn officers go after smog stations doing illegal activity. He suggested having an 800 number for customers to report a station they think is performing illegal smog. Lloyd stated he would set up a meeting with the Administrators and Chief Investigators to discuss these issues.

§         Steve Grabski, acting Administrator for the Commission of Measurement Standards, introduced himself to the committee. He stated he oversees the weights and measures program for the state. He requested that someone from his division be assigned committee.

·        Lloyd Nelson stated that the composition of the committee was defined by NAC.

·        Dennis Ransel suggested looking into revising NAC regarding positions in the committee. Lloyd stated that to have the NAC changed would require a Project Request to Jim Parsons.

IX        Next Meeting and Adjournment

·        Meeting was adjourned at 3:55 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for October 7, 2002 at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

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