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Minutes of the Meeting



 PLACE:                      Spring Valley Library
                                     4280 S. Jones Blvd.
                                  Meeting Room A-B
                                     Las Vegas, NV

 DATE:                        October 29, 2002

 TIME:                        1:00 p.m.

 1:00 P.M Chairman Lloyd Nelson of the Department of Motor Vehicles called the meeting to order and asked that each person in attendance introduce themselves.

 Sag Jaunarajs of the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection gave an overview of current opacity regulation language. Introduced the proposed regulation change that would include mid-range diesel vehicles from 8,500 to 14,000 lbs. GVWR.

 Mr. Jaunarajs discussed diesel emissions health hazards, and the fact that studies have and are being done in many areas concerning this topic.

 Diesel fleet testing and a broad area of discussion to include particulate volume, public outreach, diesel retrofit, add on control devices, and funding for repairs and also included the reduction of sulphur  from diesel fuel.  Sag Jaunarajas led this discussion also.

 Mr. Juanarajs introduced The Heavy Duty Diesel Subcommittee and congratulated them for forming such a diverse group of individuals. Sig suggested that each HDD Subcommittee meeting should be held on the same day and place as the I/M meeting as it is much more cost effective for all involved. This type of committee is going on all across the country.

 Lloyd Nelson asked if WestStar is the same as CalStar? Sig stated that it was a different organization and included many western states such as; NV, OR, TX, CA, UT, OK, AZ, ID, and others.

Adele Malone of Nevada Department of Environmental Protection stated that the Heavy Duty Diesel opacity testing regulations have been adopted as of September 11 and became effective October 18,2002. The Department of Motor Vehicles has implemented changes. The equipment used to test opacity will have a built in weather station to adjust for ambient conditions. The main change in regulations involving heavy duty diesel vehicles is that the opacity percentage levels have be reduced from 70 percent to 40 and 55 percent, depending on the year of the vehicle. Also, a one year waiver has been implemented. Emission control labels will be replaced on vehicles that have missing or damaged labels.

Andy Goodrich of Washoe County Health Department asked if these labels can be purchased?

 Adele Malone stated that the labels can be purchased from the manufacturer of vehicles as the labels are all tied in to the VIN number.

 Adele also stated that the DMV is stepping up enforcement of the Heavy Duty program as they have the new equipment on order.

 Adele spoke about LCB is to remove wording in NAC’s “like CA program” and brings into the program diesel vehicles of 8,500 to 14,000 lbs GVWR. The Heavy Duty Diesel Subcommittee will do a financial impact study.

 Darryl Capurro of The Nevada Trucking Association stated that LCB has started drafting of regulation proposal concerning this matter and the committee has requested to see the draft before implementation.

Mr. Capurro thanked the Subcommittee, the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Motor Vehicles for their work in this subject.

 Adele Malone brought up the topic of diesel idling restrictions and stated that Washoe and Clark County have the same ordinances in governing these problems.

 Diane Stortz-Lintz stated that this is not a topic for the I/M Committee to discuss.

 Andy Goodrich stated that this is a great time to discuss this topic!

 Catherine MacDougall of Clark County Department of Air Quality qualified the clarity of the ordinance that covers noise and that it is not an emission problem. Ms. MacDougall described the type of engines used that are causing the most recent complaint from residences.

 Darryl Capurro stated that the new fuel cells significantly improve the diesel exhaust and noise problems and produce plenty of power.

 Adele asked if anyone wanted to discuss the diesel noise regulations and are Washoe and Clark Counties the same?

 Collen Cripps interjected that yes the regs are the same and there is no need for discussion.

 Andy Goodrich stated that Washoe’s regs are very close to Clark Counties regs on this subject.

 Lloyd Nelson stated that auxiliary generators or portable equipment are not covered by NAC 445B and there is no need for further discussion. All present agreed.

 Lloyd Nelson asked to form a work group to complete a comprehensive review of all NAC’s in chapter 445B to propose modifications as necessary.

Russ Benzler, Administrator of Compliance Enforcement, Department of Motor Vehicles asked that members of the Industry be included in the committee.

 Sig agreed and said that is a good idea.

 Russ Benzler the NAC’s to be reviewed only effect emissions from moving vehicles.

 Lloyd Nelson suggested that the committee start with 445B.460 the licensing of stations and inspectors. Check with other states and compare. Do a complete report and set up for changes after legislation.

 Samuel Jackson of Nevada Department of Environmental Protection asked that their department be included.

 Lloyd Nelson asked if anyone was opposed to this proposal.

 No one was opposed.

 Andy Goodrich asked what is the time frame?

 Lloyd stated that February 1st would be terrific.

 Andy Goodrich asked if this project was open ended.

 Lloyd Nelson answered, Yes and we need many things revised and should check with other states and get input.

 Andy Goodrich recommended the I/M Committee review the outcome.

 Lloyd Nelson suggested committee members be selected as follows:

  1. Compliance Enforcement Division---1 Supervising Emission Control Office and 1          Investigator from both the North and the South.

  2. Sig Jaunarajs of Nevada Department of Environmental Protection

  3. Dennis Ransel of Clark County Department of Air Quality Management

  4. Andy Goodrich of Washoe County Health Department

  5. 1 person from the Environmental Commission

  6. 2 Emission Station owners---2 from the North and 2 from the South

  7. 2 people from the Department of Motor Vehicles, Emission Control Section

  8. 2-1G and 2-2G Inspectors from both the North and the South

16 Total

The Industry as a whole will be invited to participate in a workshop to discuss the outcome of the suggestions of the committee.

 Dennis Ransel suggested finding a Video Conference facility in the north and the south to save time and travel. He will check resources and possibilities.

 Lloyd Nelson agreed this is a good idea and we should work on this.

 Russ Benzler stated that this is a good idea as there is no date required for completion and the I/M meetings should not hold this up.

Samuel Jackson stated that a small group should give an overview upon completion.

 Lloyd Nelson staed that he would advise on the meeting of the outcome.

 Other Business;

Sig Juanarajs stated that many organizations request information from the DMV on many issues and avenues and stated that he has concern for the proper way to request information.

 Lloyd Nelson apologized for the problem and handed out a Policy for information requests for outside agencies.

 Diane Stortz-Lintz stressed the point that lead time is very important!

 Lloyd Nelson suggested a letter of urgency from management to achieve priority status.

 Sig Jaunarajs asked if field information is available.

 Lloyd Nelson answered, yes somewhat.

 Sig Juanarajs asked what system?

 Lloyd Nelson answered he has no idea.

 Sig Juanarajs saked if his department can help?

 Lloyd Nelson suggested he contact Tom Joeseph from the DMV IT section

 Dennis Ransel stated that he needs understanding of the system and time frames that are necessary. 

Russ Benzler suggested that someone from the IT section should come to an I/M meeting.

 Lloyd Nelson said he would talk to an administrator from IT.

 Dennis Ransel stated that most of the information he has rec’d is inaccurate.

 Samuel Jackson said the system is not designed to give info only to store it, this is why they need lead time to extract it from the system.

 Lloyd Nelson said he would look into this problem next week.

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