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Minutes of the Meeting


 PLACE:                      Washoe County Library
                                     2325 Robb Dr.
                                   Reno, NV

 DATE:                        January 30, 2003

 TIME:                        1:30 p.m.


DMV staff: Lloyd Nelson, Dianne Stortz-Lintz, Jim Parsons, Chuck Conner, Mark Froese, Ralph Felices, Harold Smith, Tammy Hurst, and Yer Her

IM members: Sig Jaunarajs, Chester Sergent, Dennis Ransel, Carrie MacDougall, Andy Goodrich and Russ Wilde.

Non-members: Vernon Miller, Ben Tempel, Yann Ling, Daniel Inouye, Lou Gardella, Brian Keraly, Daryl Capurro, Jean Paul Huys, and Lorie Campbell

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 1:30pm by Lloyd Nelson.

Data extraction

1.   Dennis Ransel asked what the process of asking for information was. Mr. Ransel commented about the lengthy application process and timeliness of receiving requested data and wanted to know if there was a simpler way to obtain data. Lori Campbell and Jean Paul Huys concurred the concern of Mr. Ransel. Chuck Conner and Mark Froese explained the reason behind the application and data obtainment process.

2.   Dennis Ransel and Lori Campbell asked if DMV could put out a list of the data fields so they know what type of data they can request. Ms. Campbell also suggested if DMV could put the database on a website of sort and access be given so they can extract what they their own data. Mark Froese and Jim Parsons responded with explanations about the multitude of tables and database there are and how the man hour would exceed the convenience of creating such access availability.

3.   A number of attendees expressed their concern about the prioritizing of request. Jim Parsons clarified that priority is different for everyone and different entities and necessity require different prioritization of requests, for example, legislative requests and requests from the Governor take top priority. Mr. Parsons recommend noting on the application justification associated with deadlines, sanctions and/or potential loss in funding to help expedite request. Mr. Parsons also recommend utilizing Lloyd Nelson and Dianne Stortz-Lintz of the emission program.

4.   Dennis Ransel and Lori Campbell wanted to know if and when a new application would be needed. Tammy Hurst explained the procedures and gave examples of the different situations when a new application is needed or not. Dennis Ransel was concerned about data for new zip codes that are constantly being added and that he would have to find out the new zip codes and put in a new request application. Lloyd Nelson and Mark Froese responded that zip codes are updated and added into the databases of information on a regular basis.

5.   Tammy Hurst explained the fees. Dennis Ransel and Lori Campbell expressed their concern that they donít remember having to pay recently or previously and questioned why there is now a fee. Tammy Hurst and Jim Parsons explained the new data retrieval procedure and why a fee is now charged.  Ms. Hurst also explained the account setup and billing procedure.

6.   Andy Goodrich and Carrie MacDougall asked if the database is with WorldCom. Jim Parsons and Dianne Stortz-Lintz explained what information the WorldCom/MCI database contains. Mrs. Stortz-Lintz explained that this data is limited to our contract with them and the contract will expire in 2005. Ms. MacDougall expressed interest in being part of the evaluation committee for the new contract; she and others felt the data in the emission programís database could be of use to them and would like to have input in the contract for designing the new database. Jim Parsons explained that we need to have non-DMV employees on the evaluation committee and will let them know when the time comes.

Remote Sensing report

Dianne Stortz-Lintz summarized the statistics of the 2002 remote sensing survey. Numerous attendees had general questions about when, where, and how long the survey was conducted and what the statistics represented. Mrs. Stortz-Lintz answered all questions and explained in certain insistences where she felt the data may not be complete.

 Overview of 2002 statistics and On-Board Diagnostic report

Lloyd Nelson gave an overview of emission statistics for 2002, including total vehicles tested, failure rates, waivers, and OBD statistics for gasoline and light duty diesel vehicles. Dennis Ransel asked if we have statistics on vehicles that fail OBD and then TSI tested. Mr. Nelson responded that he has the data but not with him and would get the statistics to Mr. Ransel later. Lou Gardella asked about drive cycle. Mr. Nelson explained that during a recent conference, it was recommended customers not be advised of driving to reset the drive cycle because customers have been involved in wrecks trying to reset it.  Andy Goodrich and Lou Gardella said it would be more courteous and customer friendly to give customers some information instead of just telling them that their vehicle cannot be tested, the vehicle failed, or charge the customers a hundred dollars an hour to drive the vehicle until it resets. Mr. Nelson agreed and said we have some drive cycle pamphlets or informational material that we can give the stations to give to customers.

Mr. Nelson informed everyone that a list of problem vehicles and solutions are on Californiaís Bureau of Automotive Repair website. Also that the emission programís quarterly newsletter is now on DMVís website.

Heavy duty diesel subcommittee report

Sig Jaunarajs presented a summary of the heavy duty diesel subcommittee meeting including concerns he received about changing regulation language regarding GVW and CO levels of diesel vehicles.

 Approval of minutes of October 29, 2002 meeting

Andy Goodrich approved and Sig Jaunarajs seconded the approval.

 Other business

Vernon Miller asked about the Department of Agriculture becoming a member of the IM committee. Lloyd Nelson responded that regulation needs to be changed before we can include them and we would keep them informed.

Next meeting and adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 4:00pm. April 22nd or 24th was suggested for the next meeting. Carson City was also suggested as the meeting place so a legislator can be invited to attend and if DMV staff is called for, they can just leave. Lloyd Nelson responded that he will check and notify everyone.

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