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Minutes of the Meeting


Date of meeting: June 9, 2003

Location: Spring Valley Library, 4280 S. Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

DMV staff: Lloyd Nelson, Dianne Stortz-Lintz, Allen Nicholson, Greg Cole, and Tim Fogarty
IM members: Sig Jaunarajs, Dennis Ransel, Carrie MacDougall, and Andy Goodrich
Non-members: Susan Sorrells, Kevin Hill, Steven Grabski, Wayne Magon, and Gary Lang

Time of meeting:
The meeting started at 1:00pm and ended at 3:15pm. 

April 29, 2003 meeting minute approval
Sig Jaunarajs suggested changing the word “up” to “an” on the AB419 topic. No other changes were requested. Andy Goodrich approved the minutes and Mr. Jaunarajs seconded the motion. No one opposed.

FY03-04 grant applications
Lloyd Nelson gave a summary of what happened since the last meeting with the grant requests and asked if they’ve received the inter-local contracts and letters from the DMV Director about the decrease in the grant amounts. Dennis Ransel of Clark County and Andy Goodrich of Washoe County both acknowledged that they’ve received both items.

Mr. Ransel asked if the contracts were needed back at DMV by July 1st, and that they have an upcoming board meeting and am not sure it they can meet the due date. Mr. Nelson responded that the contracts are needed by DMV by July 1st so they can be presented at the Board of Examiner’s August meeting.

OBD II implementation
Mr. Nelson said DMV has been in OBD II advisory since May 2002 and OBD II pass/fail was to go live June 2, 2003 but there were technical difficulties, so it has been rescheduled for July 1, 2003. Dianne Stort-Lintz is to run a validation test before July 1st to make sure it will be a “go” this time.

Mr. Ransel asked what is to be done when an OBD II vehicle cannot be tested. DMV staff responded that the customer would be directed to come to the DMV emission lab for a retest and given an administrative VIR of the outcome; the test will not default to TSI testing like it used to. 

Implementation of AB36
Sig Jaunarajs gave a overview of what was discussed about AB36 at the HDD subcommittee meeting earlier that morning. (see HDD subcommittee meeting minutes for June 9, 2003 for full detail).

Mr. Jaunarajs also mentioned that the HDD subcommittee is looking for a new name to serve it’s new purpose. Carrie MacDougall suggested naming the subcommittee “Technical subcommittee of the Advisory Committee on Control of Emission from Motor Vehicles”. Mr. Nelson concluded it be called the “Technical Subcommittee of the Advisory Committee on Control of Emissions from Motor Vehicles”. There were no objections to the new name.

Certificate fee increase to $6.00
Mr. Nelson said that Patrick Cameron from DMV’s Administrative Services Division said the increase was needed; if the increase was not passed, there would be a deficit of $490,000.00 by 2005 but with the increase there would be a surplus of over a million dollar. Mr. Goodrich asked if the amounts took into account the DMV lab. Mr. Nelson responded that the amounts does not include the DMV lab but does include the agriculture lab. Mr. Jaunarajs asked if this increase is just to keep DMV afloat. Mr. Nelson responded that this money is for the reserve account.

Ms. MacDougall asked how Clark County got in the fourth spot for funding and would like to know how they can be moved up the priority list. Mr. Nelson responded that he would need to find out.

Other legislative issues
Mr. Nelson gave a summary of the bills he was involved with:

  • SB 18 – This bill requires DMV to put the audit procedures on the NAC. This bill passed on May 18, 2003. DMV will be drafting a policy for this.

  • SB 189 – This bill requires biennial testing of 1996 or newer vehicles. This bill did not pass.

  • SB 419 – This bill increases the certificate fee to $7 per certificate. This bill requires a 2/3 vote. This bill did not pass.

  • AB 36 – This bill was approved by the Governor on May 19, 2003.

  • AB 416 – This bill requires biennial testing for Washoe and Clark County and 3 year exemption. This bill was last heard to not passed.

Mr. Jaunarajs gave a summary of AB 237. This bill made changes to the alternative fuel program. It disallow diesel as an alternative fuel. Ms. MacDougall also added that AB 237 will give Clark County the ability to implement new taxes to improve transportation and air quality. This bill was signed May 22, 2003 by the Governor. The money will be used to reinstate a pilot program to repair military vehicles and start “clean screening” remote sensing testing. 

Mr. Jaunarajs said there’s another bill, he couldn’t remember the number, but it pertained to “fuel on” to consider an alternative fuel. This bill would allow an additives to fuel to be considered alternative fuel. Mr. Jaunarajs said this fuel has an EPA number but studies have showed black marks. Steven Grabski said Vernon Miller conducted a study and did not find any supporting evidence of it reducing.

Mr. Jaunarajs said in a recent meeting he attended with use of biodiesel. The fleets in the Las Vegas School District have been using B20 for about 24 months on vehicles and they have had great success.

Other business
Mr. Grabski said in the department’s May board meeting they talked about the issues on the 38th parallel, the engineering corp vapor pressure study. Will keep committee updated. Mr. Grabski also reminded committee that the Department of Agriculture still wants to be part of IM committee. Mr. Nelson responded that it could be discussed at next meeting.

Next meeting
Possible dates for next meeting discussed. Last week of August was tentatively agreed upon.

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