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Minutes of the Meeting


Time and Place of Meeting:  
Washoe County Library
2325 Robb Drive
Reno, Nevada

1:30 p.m.

Attendees: (See attached sign in sheet)

Meeting called to order at 1:40 p.m. by Lloyd Nelson, Program Mgr, DMV Emissions

All present introduced themselves

An attempt was made to approve the minutes from the last meeting but members noticed too many errors. Lloyd Nelson stated that the minutes would be corrected and brought up for approval again at next meeting.

Remote Sensing Device Report was continued until Diane Stortz-Lintz returns from illnessónext meeting.

Lloyd Nelson gave a report on OBDII implementation and advisory period.

Andy Goodrich of Washoe County Air Quality Management Dist. Commented that the June 2003 exhaust gas failure rates were very low. Lloyd answered that the failure rate is low because these vehicles are not any older than 1996. Mr. Goodrich had questions on test procedures concerning the report for OBDII vehicles. 

Greg Cole, Emission Control Officer, DMV, Sig Juanarajs, NDEP, Lloyd Nelson, DMV, Glenn Smith, DMV, Peter Kreuger, NV Petroleum Marketers engaged in a discussion about OBDII testing to cover MIL light malfunction, false failures, problem vehicles, inspector errors, vehicles not in compliance to OBDII, drive cycles and readiness monitors.

Brian Keraly, Smog Busters of Las Vegas representative, complained that when customers fail a OBD II test that they do not want to pay for it and the proper training is lacking. Complained about vehicles that canít be tested and communication problems. 

Glenn Smith, Greg Cole both agreed that vehicles that canít be tested are the major complaint of the customers. Lloyd Nelson stated that the number on vehicles that cannot be tested are very low, especially in comparison with other states that have implemented OBDII inspections and that owners of these few model vehicles are being assisted at the nearest Emission Test Lab.

Peter Krueger stated that with these problems people are going to go for biennial testing again at next legislature or to drop testing altogether.

Lloyd Nelson explained that a new software version is going to be available soon, and will be issued to the stations when deemed satisfactory. 

Brian Keraly complained about WorldWide service and gave examples.

Sig stated that he thought the implementation of OBDII went well as many states had reported disasters of many kinds with their switch over. Ralph Felices Chief Investigator for DMV-CED asked if there was a way to compile a report of the number of tests run and the percentage of complaints. Lloyd suggested that this is possible and Wayne Magon of MCI agreed that this is available in Ad Hoc Query and he will help produce the figures requested. Lloyd stated that there will be a report on this subject next meeting. It was agreed that these stats will appear on the quarterly report also

Peter Krueger asked how many stations go into business and how many go out? Glenn Smith and Greg Cole stated that the number of active stations stays very steady as when one goes out of business another one opens up. Mr. Krueger asked why business is down and he was answered by Greg Cole that it is not down and as a matter of fact VIR sales are up compared to last year. Lloyd Nelson agreed with Mr. Coleís statement and said the information will be put in the Clean Air Bulletinís next issue. The consensus is that more cars are being sold as dealer incentives are high 0% interest etc.

Peter Krueger brought up selective enforcement being done by the DMV, Lloyd said we will discuss this topic at the next Comprehensive Review meeting.

The request for dedicated funds will go to IFC on September 17thóDedicated funds reserve unknown at this time, figures to be available at a later date. Counties were in agreement that they should have a meeting prior to IFC. Counties also want to know the process, how can the process be expedited and how and when are the funds to be dispersed. Peter Krueger stated that the industry wants to know what the counties do and what the money is used for and offered his help.

Lloyd discussed and handed out Clean Air Bulletin concerning diesel testing. There is a lot of info in the Bulletin distributed. Lloyd stated that the Bosch opacity meter has been approved. He also stated that a year from now we will be in great shape as we are moving forward on AB 36 not just sitting on it. Peter asked if we can take October 1st to the bank? Lloyd replied yes, that CED Administrator Russ Benzler has said so. Sig said it probably wonít happen for 6 months. Peter said probably a year from now.

Sig gave overview of the HDD Subcommittee meeting that took place earlier in the day.

Discussion on test procedures and weights to include all present. Most were under the impression that testing was far off and they were just to set standards and procedures. Ralph stated that this is law effective October 1st as there are no standards to be set or procedures to change as the engines in these vehicles that have been included in the program are the same as the vehicles currently in the program. Only the gvwr is greater.

Dennis Ransel read the NRS and stated that we have contradicted ourselves since this morningís meeting and the people will not have notice to get their vehicles tested on the renewal notices. My understanding is there is no rush on testing until all is in place. Lloyd said he will relay all info and thoughts of the committee to Administrator Russ Benzler. Ralph added that the information given to Administrator Russ Benzler does not say authority but a change in weight.

Andy Goodrich made a motion to not test until all is in place as there are more vehicles to enter the program than DMV thinks there are. October 1st is to adopt regulations on the testing of these vehicles, not to test. Letís get this on the books now. We must meet with the HDD Subcommittee soon. A vote was taken and all were in favor that testing will not begin October 1st as planned. Lloyd stated that he will report to Administrator Russ Benzler, and that we can test these vehicles now as the motors are the same as the vehicles being tested now. Sig agreed and said that it can be done.

VID contract was discussed. Lloyd pointed out that there are 9 vendors to date, that are interested in becoming our provider. The MCI contract is up in 2005 and will be going out to bid soon. Peter Krueger stated that interested parties should be included in the choice of vendors. We need to have input. Lloyd asked if workshops were needed. Peter said to include the counties also, the more the better. New info is new info no matter where it comes from, ideas etc. Lloyd stated that this will be offered in the Clean Air Bulletin.

Next meeting to be scheduled 30-45 days, 3rd week in October, in Las Vegas, will advise.

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