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Minutes of the Meeting


Date of Meeting:  November 13, 2003

Location:  Spring Valley Library, 4280 S. Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

DMV Staff:  Lloyd Nelson, Greg Cole, Al Nicholson
I/M Members:  Sig Juanarajs, Dennis Ransel, Carrie MacDougall, Andy Goodrich, Colleen Cripps  
Steven Grabski, Ron Levine, Russ Lucas, Brian Keraley & Scot of JR Diesel Repair

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Lloyd Nelson at 1:36 P.M.

All members introduced themselves

Minutes of last meeting
Motion was introduced to approve the minutes of the last meeting, all were in favor and the minutes were approved.

Sig Juanarajs asked about the minutes of the June meeting, as they weren’t approved at last meeting due to corrections that were to be made upon request of some members. The minute taker stated that all corrections will be made by the next meeting as there was a lag in communications.

1st  Agenda Item
Steven Grabski, Administrator of the Department of Agriculture, spoke of the functions of his department and of other divisions in the Ag Dept. He explained that his dept would like to be a member of the I/M committee as the Dept of Agriculture is also partially funded by the DMV.

Colleen Cripps suggested that the TRPA would also fall into this category.

Andy Goodrich stated that NDOT is on the committee but is not funded by the DMV and seldom attends meetings.

Lloyd Nelson read the NAC pertaining to who can become a member of the committee and stated that this NAC was adopted in 1990.The Administrators of the DMV have jurisdiction over who may become a member.

Dennis Ransel, said the NAC should be changed to include Dept of Agriculture, as we are in need of their representation. Why NDOT? They are not involved and are not a team player.

Lloyd stated that NDOT has an environmental section and they are represented.

Dennis said that he doesn’t recall a representative from NDOT being present at any of the meetings.

Carrie stated that the NAC should be changed to include one representative from NDOT and one representative from Agriculture.

Lloyd state that Truckee Meadows Regional Planning doesn’t attend the meetings either.

Andy stated that he questions the status of NDOT and TMRP and made a motion to change the NAC to include Agriculture in the Committee.

Sig asked-Who can change the NAC? Lloyd answered that the NAC belongs to the DMV and we can take a consensus and approach our administrators.

Colleen asked Andy if he wanted to remove NDOT and TMRP from the committee. Andy said no, he just wants Ag to be included.

Carrie said that the DMV should be the one to handle this as they have control as it is their NAC. The DMV needs to contact the non-active members (NDOT and TMRP) for their input. Colleen said contact NDOT and TMRP and go from there.

Lloyd stated that when agencies do not show up especially when a quorum is needed concerning grants that this could be detrimental.

Lloyd entertained a motion to add Ag and replace no-show agencies. All members voted in favor, none opposed.

Steven from Ag said he was available to lend assistance and speak with the Administrators from DMV if necessary.

Dennis asked if this would take multiple steps to accomplish. Lloyd answered, Yes.

Colleen asked Andy if he would be interested in having an add’l member on the committee as does Clark County. Andy replied that Clark County has more issues than does Washoe County and he is comfortable with one member.

Next item on Agenda
Andy Goodrich on Grants. Andy stated that their financial folks like the quarterly payment method. Andy asked for an update on pending grants.

Lloyd stated that he rec’d a lot of info recently as he had a meeting with the Revenue Section and the Director. The information received   wasn’t necessarily good news.

The projections were over-estimated for Washoe County and under-estimated for Clark County. MCI now has a new program that will provide better tracking and the information will be closely monitored from here on out.

There is a large outlay of monies to be directed to the Agriculture Dept grant for construction of their lab and to the NDEP for their grant.

The quarterly payments will increase until January and will not increase again until spring of next year. All grant requests must be resubmitted as the last requests are now void until they are resubmitted and these are to be paid in July.

Andy stated that it was his understanding that CIP were in a different category. Grabski and Andy discussed monies on Lab and CIP.

Group discussion on monies projection led by Colleen.

Carrie stated that there is a need for an allocation and a mechanism for money distribution and a plan to implement a program fort this.

Andy stated that the counties are number 4 on the list as the counties are not State agencies.

Carrie said that they need to get paid on projections as they need to know where they stand.  There is no accountability for counties and we never know what is available.

Colleen said to put your requests together and it will go through one of us and on to FIC.

Lloyd stated that being number 4 is a disadvantage as sometimes there is nothing left for number 4.

Carrie stated that they have asked for a process to follow—like a two year request for long term projects.

Grabski asked if multi year grants were allowable. Lloyd answered one year and one extension year.

Andy stated that TRPA is number 5 and are they considered a State Agency? Lloyd answered, yes and it looks like they are not getting any allocations.

Colleen showed Lloyd a spreadsheet and pointed out that TRPA does in fact get monies.

Andy asked who makes the decision on where they money is to go. Colleen answered that top agencies discuss their own priorities and distribute what is left.

Carrie interjected that this is talked about but solutions are never approached. The counties need to become a part of the allocation fund.

Lloyd stated that this will take an N.R.S. change to put counties at the top of the list.

Dennis the budget is up and down. Colleen said all budgets are up and down.

Lloyd stated that there is only $770,000 to allocate, not a lot of money.

Carrie repeated that the counties need regular allocations. Carrie added that the vehicle population is rising, not falling.

Dennis, Carrie—Where’s the money?

Andy stated that the counties needs are built on requests—who makes the expenditure decisions?

Colleen answered maybe you, (counties) can get some answers from Comeaux directly. As we have no control over this budget.

Carrie asked how the arithmetic is done and could we get some answers from a DMV representative to explain how the budget works.

Lloyd stated –that would be Dennis Colling.

Carrie asked if that would be possible the next time in Reno. Lloyd said he will find out but there is a good chance.

Carrie stated that the projections are on a curved line but the actual is up and down drastically.

Lloyd stated that all actual figures are in the quarterly report.

Colleen asked what is available monies to non-attainment areas.

Carrie asked that Dennis Colling  be available next meeting. Lloyd asked all if the next meeting could be held in Carson City as it will be easier to get Dennis Colling to attend a meeting in Carson City.

Grabski asked that the action item be put on the agenda or you will be spinning your wheels like you are now.

Lloyd thanked Sig for his presentation today at the Heavy Duty Diesel Subcommittee Meeting.

Sig gave an overview of the Subcommittee meeting and an overview of his meeting with Russ Benzler

Lloyd told the committee that he and Hal Greene will contact other states and get stats on diesel testing failure rates, diesel OBDII. Direct calls will be made.

Carrie made a motion to move ahead on the agenda. All favored the motion.

Lloyd opened the discussion to public comment.

Ron Levine of Nevada Motor Trucking Association stated that he would like the committee opened up to all agencies involved with air quality.

Andy stated that he appreciated Ron’s view but where does it stop? What is to be gained from belonging to this committee?

Ron countered with participation is not allowed by non-members until public comment is asked for.

Andy stated that at many public meetings, the public is asked for comment after each agenda item.

Lloyd said that that is a good idea and this will be done in the future meetings.

Sig said that the HDD Subcommittee meetings are always an open forum.

Lloyd asked for a motion to approve—All approved.

Lloyd thanked Ron Levine for his help on SB 36.

Scot from JR Diesel—Smog testing service industry, stated that at the last meeting enforcement was not in place and was on hold—but now is in place. What about the info on other states?, their standards, testing methods, etc?

Sig answered with the fact that Diane was to gather this info, but has left the committee and the DMV. Also stated that he had some info that was handed out at the HDD Subcommittee meeting. He gave the material to all present.

Scot asked if new load ranges work with present equipment?

Lloyd answered “yes not a problem”.

Scot asked if the number of vehicles projected to enter the system with the new weight range is still somewhat accurate? Lloyd assured him that the number projected is fairly accurate.

Scot said that he wanted to be more involved with the committee.

Sig replied that he was welcome and his input is needed.

Scot stated that there is more enforcement needed as there is too much tampering going on with these trucks.

Lloyd asked if he could get more info on tampering for the next meeting.

Scot asked if it was illegal to remove catalytic converters from LD diesel trucks and Lloyd replied that yes it is.

Andy –Catalytic converters on LD diesel trucks?                                                              Scot and Hal answered yes—Ford and Chevy diesel engines.

A discussion on how catalytic converters work on a diesel and low sulfur diesel was held.

Lloyd stated that he would get the numbers for tampering reported to the DMV database by next meeting.

Dennis asked if the total of the new vehicles entering the weight window is really 20,000?

Lloyd explained the difference between Declared GVWR and Manufacturers GVWR.

Scot commented that there are a lot of different dyno’s out there and discussed ways to beat the system by drivers and gave examples. Also, asked about alternative testing and stated that OBDII does nothing for opacity or emissions.

Andy asked if a diesel could pass OBDII and still fail opacity.

Scot answered that this is correct but this may be fixed in the future.

Lloyd stated that he would contact Vermont and Oregon concerning their ways of testing diesels.

Colleen explained to all that the enforcement of AB36 wasn’t decided by the committee but was implemented by DMV and said there needs to be better communications between all members.

Sig and Scot had a discussion concerning tampering of diesel emission components.

Brian of Smogbusters expressed his concerns regarding the equipment  supplied by WorldWide. Non-communication on many types of vehicles, the cables, hoses, filters and other equipment are inferior.

Lloyd stated that Nevada has the best nationwide OBDII connect percentage of any state. Lloyd also added that BAR made changes that we are not responsible for.

Carrie interjected that this topic of discussion is not relevant to this meeting.

Lloyd explained about Chrysler and the communication problems with these vehicles. This is a manufacturers problem and the analyzer is not at fault. Most of these vehicles put out a very weak signal that cannot be detected.

Brian complained about drive-off customers and wants DMV to do something about this problem as he has about 4 in a one week period, average.

Russ of Jiffy Smog asked about the scope and duties of the committee.

Lloyd explained the scope and duties of the committee to all.

Russ asked about the 2- year registration program and how does the smog program fit into to this plan?

Lloyd explained what he knew about the pilot program plan. The customer can pay for a two year registration but is only issued one decal and will send out a reminder letter to the customer to get an emission test and upon the customer completing this, a new decal will be mailed. The pilot program results are scheduled to go before the legislature at the 2007 session.

Russ stated that if this is accomplished, this is fine.

Lloyd stated that the DMV will produce decals in the near future on premise, and maybe this is part of the plan that will fit into this program.

Russ stated that he would like to be kept aware of any changes that may be taking place as there are many things to understand.

Other Business
Colleen and Sig commented on the outstanding assistance they received from the DMV Records Section.

Lloyd commented on what a good job that Tammy does in the Records Section and how helpful she can be.

Andy asked Sig what was going to be the new name of his committee?

Sig replied The Technical Subcommittee on Emissions from Motor Vehicles.

Lloyd told the Committee that he will give a presentation on what has been accomplished this year and it will be on the next agenda.

Meeting Adjourned at 4:14 P.M.

Next meeting February 19th, 2003 in Carson City or Reno

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