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Minutes of the Meeting


Date of Meeting:  February 19, 2004

Location:  Northwest Reno Branch Library - 2325 Robb Drive - Reno, Nevada

Lloyd Nelson Chairman opened the meeting at 1:45 P.M.

All in attendance introduced themselves.

The Attendees:

John Baggette, Gary Lang, Wayne Magon, representing MCI

Dennis Ransel, Carrie MacDougall, representing Clark County Air Quality Management 

Andy Goodrich, Duane Sikoeski, representing Washoe County Air Quality Management

Michael Painter, representing Nevada Department of Transportation

Ralph Felices, Glenn Smith, Lloyd Nelson, Al Nicholson, and Mike McKenzie representing DMV

Marsheilah Lyon, Marji Thomas, representing Legislative Counsel Bureau

David Ziegler, representing Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Authority

Sig Jaunarajs, representing Nevada Environmental Protection Agency

Vernon Miller, representing Department of Agriculture

Approval of Minutes: June 03 and November 03

June minutes were approved as corrected.
November minutes were approved per corrections noted.

Chairman Nelson began the meeting with Item # 3 on the Agenda NAC 445B.853 RE: adding the Department of Agriculture to the Committee, the language will be drafted for this addition. Also, a letter was sent to NDOT and Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Authority (TMRPA) to ask if they wanted to stay on the Committee and participate. NDOTís representative reported that their representative to the committee had a difficult time attending the meetings due to surgeries. Lloyd Nelson suggested that if NDOT could attend the meetings in the North that would be sufficient. 

TMRPA representative stated that his Deptís position was to remain on the Committee but there is no money to travel to the South for the meetings either. Carrie MacDougall suggested that TMRA remain on the Committee as a non-voting member. NDOT member is unsure who will represent NDOT for next Fiscal year. The current Committee member is retiring July 9,2004. Agriculture will be added to the I/M Committee as they are involved in the State Fuel Program and receive grants from the Emission Control Fund. Chairman Nelson stated that this will not be final until approved by the Deputy Director of the DMV, Clay Thomas.

Andy Goodrich entered a motion to have NDOT and TMRPA stay on the I/M Committee as non-voting members. Dennis Ransel seconded the motion, and all members were in favor.

It was announced by Carrie MacDougall that Clark County Air Quality Management would become the Clark County Department of Environmental Management officially on July 1, 2004. Language will be drafted and submitted to LCB.

Mike McKenzie of DMV gave a power point presentation of the Emission Program statistics for 2003. All discussed the statistics and all attendees enjoyed the presentation. The topic most addressed during the presentation by the committee was the difference in the waiver repair amount between Clark and Washoe Counties. It was suggested that Washoe County motorists should have to spend the same amount as Clark County motorists in the attempt to repair their vehicles. At present, the waiver requirement expenditure in Washoe County is $200.00 and $450.00 in Clark County.

Chairman Lloyd Nelson of DMV gave a power point presentation of the new program for training emission control inspectors that is being used by the DMV in Clark and Washoe Counties. The presentation was well received by all. The topic of discussion was repair questions on the 1G test related to repair. Sig stated that the 1G inspector should be like an x-ray technician, able to read the x-ray, know the problem, but cannot diagnose, or give any information to the patient. 

Carrie MacDougall suggested videoconferences in the future due to travel restrictions for most agencies involved with the Clean Air Advisory meetings. It was decided the availability of meeting rooms with video or teleconference facilities be explored.

The grant money for the counties was discussed and it was decided that the emission test #s are up and the grant money is lower than it was last time. All thought it would be a good idea to receive a copy of the budget and maybe get some input from Dennis Colling of DMV-ASD, as the projection process is not working and the counties need to know how to plan.

Meeting adjourned 4:00 P.M.

Next meeting April 22, 2004 in Las Vegas

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