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Minutes of Advisory Committee on 
Control of Emissions from Motor Vehicles
held on August 19, 2004 at 1:30 pm
at the Nevada Department of Public Safety, Training Room – 2nd Floor, 555 Wright Way, 
Carson City, NV. 89711-0900


Primary Committee Members

Alternative Committee Members

Committee Chairman – Lloyd Nelson - DMV
Andrew Goodrich, WC/AQMD
Colleen Cripps, NDEP/BAQP
Dennis Ransel, CC/DAQEM
Dennis Taylor, NDOT
Michael Uhl, CC/DAQEM
Ralph Felices, DMV
Sig Jaunarajs, NDEP
Glenn Smith, DMV
Greg Cole, DMV
Russ Wilde, NDOT

Public In Attendance

Ben Tempel, DMV
Brian Keraly, Smog Busters – NV Emission Testers
Daryl Capurro, NMTA
Gordon Rogers, DMV
Kent Cooper, NDOT
Mike McKenzie, DMV
Peter Krueger, NV Emission Testers
Ronald Levine, NMTA
Russ Lucas, Jiffy Smog (LV) 
Steven Grabski, NDOA
Vernon Miller, NDOA

1.    Call to Order

  1. Chairman Lloyd Nelson called to order the meeting of the Advisory Committee on Control of Emissions from Motor Vehicles.
  2. Committee introductions took place to the public that was present along with the new Administrative Assistant to the Emission Program within the Department of Motor Vehicles, Ivie Harper, was introduced. Ivie will be taking over the duties of agendas and minutes for the Committee. 

2.    Approval of 05/05/04 Meeting Minutes

  1. Copies of the minutes prepared by B. Fitzgibbon were emailed to all committee members for review. The Committee requested that all blanks be filled in along with corrections to the grammar. 

  2. The motion was made to approve the minutes from the meeting held on 05/05/04 with requested corrections and changes. The motion was passed. 

New Task

  • I. Harper will go over the minutes that were previously prepared and make corrections noted by the committee. 

3.    Introduction of HDD Enforcement Team, Northern Region – Representatives Gordon Rogers and Ben Tempel

  1. There are up to date three HDD teams. (1 north and 2 south) These teams consist of one Investigator and one Technician. Washoe and Clark are the primary locations for HDD testing currently due to complications that are being addressed with the testing of dyed fuels. 

  2. Other issues that have occurred are with the funding and building sites. Funding of the dyed fuel analyzer using a light system particle was supposed to come from NDOT. Once we have this than Truck Stops will start to be tested.

  3. Currently, all dyed fuel testing is being done by NHP.

  4. Dyed fuel training starts on 08/19/04.

  5. Gordon informed the Committee that he has seen a lot of success with the program between local companies and has not ran into any problems with the industry.

  6. Gordon and Ben took questions from the Committee and the Public. 

»  Q. What problems are you experiencing when you run a check?
»  A. The most common problems found are with the fuel; turbo seal leaks into the chamber, or the vehicles are just old.

»  Q. Are these seen more with one class of vehicle?
»  A. No, in two strokes.

»  Q. Are you stopping tour busses?
»  A. No, we are only noting their registrations at this time. We no longer stop buses from the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC), Citi-fare tests their own on an annual basis.

»  Q. How many citations are you writing?
»  A. Out of an average of 30 trucks stopped, a citation is issued to 15% percent.

»  Q. If a truck off a fleet fails, do we test the whole fleet?
»  A. No.

4.    Overview of emission program annual report for calendar year 2003 and second Quarter 2004 emission control activity report by Mike McKenzie with Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.

  1. M. McKenzie with the DMV presented the committee with an overview of the emission activities for the 2003 calendar year. This is a report that will be provided to USEPA on an annual basis to conform to 40 CFR 51.366(A). This is the first year this report has been submitted. Along with this report is the NV emission statistic quarterly report.

  2. Colleen Cripps and Andy Goodrich both requested copies of the entire report burned to CD. 

  3. It was found that 3 out of 4 emission inspection tests for calendar year 2003 and second quarter 2004 failed. This was a big jump with the 1996 model vehicles, with the bulk of the vehicles being 85 or newer. In 1984 is when the numbers really started to climb and Washoe was up on failure rates. 

  4. OBDII waivers are currently issued in the North but not in the South. The Committee would like to see the North stop issuing the OBDII waivers because these repairs need to be made regardless. In order for this to be completed a change to Regulation will need to be presented to the commission. Colleen took the directive from the group to draft a regulation change.

  5. The CAN board approval process is still in beta testing. Approval is expected in the near future. The cost for the purchase of the upgrade is $1200.00 or you can buy analyzers with the upgrade installed for $350.00. This will not be mandatory. 

New Task:

  • Colleen will draft a Regulation change to stop the issuance of OBDII waivers.

  • Ivie will burn to CD the requested copies of the emission activities report for the 2003 calendar year. 

5.    Update on Nevada Administrative Code comprehensive review project by Mike McKenzie, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.

  1. On 08/03/04, a survey was sent out by ET Blast to all of the Emission Station. This survey was asking the Industry their opinion on the following five controversial regulation amendments:

  • NAC 445B.462 – Test station: Application for license to operate; inspection of premises; issuance of license. 

  • NAC 445B.468 – Authorized stations or authorized inspection stations: Coverage of bond or deposit.

  • NAC 445B.486 – Examination of applicants for licensing.

  • NAC 445B.497 – Requirements for renewal of license. 

  • NAC 445B.5895 – Provision of list of authorized stations.

  1. Out of the 1288 licensed inspectors, only 20 responses have been received back to date. The 2% present representation of the Industry was split on NAC 445B.468 – NAC 445B.5895. However, there was much opposition from Industry to proposed Amendment 445B.462.

6.    Review of Proposed Nevada Administrative Code Chapter 445B amendments, affecting sections 445B.850 through 445B.873

  1. Review of the drafted distributed copy of 445B. Was reviewed by the committee. The following suggestions were made:

  • .853 – 10 members need to be changed to 11 members.

  • .861 & .863 – Language changed to show improvement of air quality. Keep consistent with NRS.

  • A concern was expressed with the excess reserve grant and that there is no timeline. 

  • .867 - Should be kept in as it was initially written. 

  • .871 (2) – Suggestion was to take out or strike out the Deputy Director. Lloyd recommended that final decision be left up to the Deputy Director of the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

  1. Lloyd requested that the Committee send in writing all of their comments and suggested changes to clarify language in .871 (2). Comments will need to be submitted to I.Harper within the next 10 business days.

  2. The committee approved all other suggested changes.

  3. Lloyd will meet with Clay in September on the regulation amendments. 

  4. DAG requested to be notified of outcomes that would affect them. 

  5. Hearings will be scheduled for October or November. 

7.    Update on funding status for FY04 year-end and FY05

  1. Dennis Colling, Chief of Administrative Services with the Department of Motor Vehicles was present to request an expanded meeting with the counties including the Department of Agriculture. This meeting is scheduled for September 16th in the Directors Conference room to address the funding issues for FY06-07.

  2. Colleen will be sending over the final budget numbers to Kristen Kolby prior to the meeting. 

  3. Clark has inquires on why the figures are short. They are requesting a letter be sent on where the money is. 

  4. Dennis gave the following projections:
    •  Clark County – 3% gross.
    •  Washoe County – 1% gross. 

8.    Discussion/recommendation to Department of Motor Vehicles Deputy Director for new Advisory Committee Chairman

  1. Andy Goodrich with Washoe County was nominated by the current Chairman Lloyd Nelson to take over the duties as new elected Chairman of the Advisory Committee. None of the Committee was opposed and the motion was passed. 

  2. Lloyd will meet with Clay Thomas the Deputy Director with the Department of Motor Vehicles for final approval. 

  3. Ivie Harper will remain with the Committee as a resource. 

New Task

  • Lloyd Nelson will meet with Clay Thomas for final approval of the new Committee Chairman.

  • Ivie will draft a letter for Clay’s signature appointing Andy Goodrich as the new Chairman of the Advisory Committee. 

9.    Recent changes made to admin penalties for violations of test procedures in NAC 445B.580, 445B.5805 (OBDII) and 445B.589 (Light duty diesel).

  1. There have been some recent changes made to R003-04 – Inspection of authorized emission stations and approved inspectors, due to Covert operations affecting these three administrative codes. Currently, there has not been enough information received to give an accurate update at this time. A more complete update will be given at the next meeting.

  2. Workshops and Hearings have already been held, however a second one will be set once the changes have been incorporated. 

10.    Public Comment

  1. Peter Krueger with the Nevada Emission Testers would like to propose a bill to expand the scope of areas that require emission testing. He would also like to see an Air Quality Technical Committee put together. On the Record he is requesting that the DMV put this Committee together for review of station owners, managers and insurance. It is his belief that station owners are not doing certain things in the industry. 

  2. Emission testing needs to be updated with Propane tank testing. DMV will look into what options are available through MCI and Worldwide to improve testing. 

  3. Colleen Cripps with NDEP/BAQP is requesting that the Committee review changes that were made to the Consumer Price Index (CPI). She will forward the document to I.Harper for distribution to the Committee.

  4. The suggestion was made to have more Advisory Committee Meetings with less agenda items or to start the meeting ½ an hour earlier.

New Task

  • Lloyd will look into the option of an Air Quality Technical Committee.

  • Lloyd will research options with MCI for improving emission testing. 

  • Colleen will forward the IFTC to Ivie for distribution to the Committee. 

11.    Next Meeting and Adjournment

  1. The next I/M Advisory Committee meeting is set for November 03, 2004 in Las Vegas. 

  2. The Meeting adjourned at 4:05 pm. 

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