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Minutes of Advisory Committee on 
Control of Emissions from Motor Vehicles
held on November 03, 2004 at 1:00 pm
at the Community College of S. Nevada, Conference Room A - Phase 5 Bldg.
3200 E. Cheyenne Ave., North Las Vegas, NV. 89030


Primary Committee Members

Alternative Committee Members

Committee Chairman – Andrew Goodrich – WC-AQMD
Colleen Cripps, NDEP/BAQP
Dennis Ransel, CC/DAQEM
Dennis Taylor, NDOT
Lloyd Nelson, DMV
Michael Uhl, CC/DAQEM
Sig Jaunarajs, NDEP
Greg Cole, DMV

Public In Attendance

Brian Hoffert, Private
Gary Millchen, Yellow Checker Star
John Conley, NDOA
Mike McKenzie, DMV
Peter Krueger, NV Emission Testers
Salvatore Mosca, Yellow Checker Star
Tom Peters, MACTEC
Tony Letizia, NDOT

1.    Call to Order

  1. Chairman Andrew Goodrich called to order the meeting of the Advisory Committee on Control of Emissions from Motor Vehicles.
  2. Committee introductions took place to the public that was present.

2.    Approval of 08/19/04 Meeting Minutes

  1. Copies of the minutes prepared by I. Harper were passed out to all committee members for review. The Committee requested that approval of the minutes be put on hold until next meeting.

3.    Overview of Current DMV Emission Control Projects

  1. Mr. Nelson with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) gave a brief overview of the DMV Emission Control Programs. The overview consisted of:

  • The staff employed under the emissions program

  • Current open projects

  • Reports provided by the Department

  • Program enhancements and VID

  • Upcoming Workshop and Hearings &

  • Bills for 2005 Legislative Session

  1. Peter Krueger requested that the industry feedback be included in the selection of the VID. Peter will put together a wish list for the new vendor and provide it to Lloyd by 11/10/04.

  2. Dennis Ransel Requested that he be kept in the loop on the new VID.

4.    Update on status of funds process to Clark and Washoe Counties. 

  1. The first Quarter Dedicated Funding for Washoe County is $73,128.00 and Clark County is $243,217.00.

  2. Distribution of funds is being done on actual certificate sales. True-ups are only needed if the actual funds exceed the authority to be distributed.
    What is a True-Up?
    (1) DMV has the authority to distribute a specific maximum amount of money to an agency over the fiscal year. The amount of money to be distributed is done off a projection of funds to be received for the upcoming Fiscal Year. This projection is typically done the 3rd quarter of the current Fiscal Year for the upcoming Fiscal Year. (Example: February 2004 for fiscal year 2005 covering July 1, 2005 – June 30, 2006.)
    (2) The distribution during the Fiscal Year is determined to be in excess of the authority amount of maximum projected distribution. (In this type of scenario, Dennis Colling would have to obtain permission from the proper authority to distribute the additional funds. The proper authority is typically the Interim Finance Committee or Mr. Comeaux.)

  3. NRS 445B.830 (2d) requires inter-local agreements along with approval by IFC. 

  4. Michael Uhl discussed the two different BDR’s pertaining to county funding. One held by Clark County and the other by DMV. Clark County requested that both BDR’s be combined. The Director is currently reviewing the request and will be making her recommendation concerning the funding. 

  5. A teleconference between the Clark County, Washoe County, Lloyd Nelson and Dennis Colling was requested to discuss the letter that was send out by the Deputy Director Concerning Legislative Budget Requests. Questions were raised on format and timelines. 

5.    Public Comment/Round Table Discussion

  1. Sig had the opportunity to go over M. McKenzie report for USEPA and commented that report was good work.

  2. Dennis made the suggestion that in future meetings and update on smoking vehicles be given. He would like to see the data for emission pass/fail rates. 

  3. Andrew Goodrich addressed the I/M Committee agenda format. There is no item on the agenda for an update on the Technical Subcommittee. He would like for this item to be placed on the agenda for all future meetings and requested that Sig give an update at this time. 
    Technical Subcommittee Update
    A. Sig reported that the discussion of the Technical Subcommittee was on Alternative Fuels. Currently there is no Emission Checks being done on alternative fuel vehicles. The recommendations of the committee is:

    • 2 speed idle test

    • No OBDII testing

    • 96 and up – Look at tampering

    • 95 and under – No tampering

    • 95 and under – testing done at DMV Emission Labs

    • Software updates 

    B. Coleen requested to see all recommendations in writing by the end of the month. Sig will write up the recommendations made by the subcommittee and send them out for review and input, before a final request is submitted to the DMV. 

  4. Andrew Goodrich as the new Committee Chairman made a couple of requests. He would like for the I/M Committee Meeting Agenda to be posted one month prior to the meeting and the Meeting Minutes to be sent out for Committee review no later than one month following the last I/M Committee Meeting. Items outside of the I/M arena should also be added to meeting agenda’s if a member wishes to discuss the importance of another topic. 

6.    Next Meeting and Adjournment

  1. The next I/M Advisory Committee meeting is set for February 03, 2005 at 1:00 pm. in Reno. Andrew Goodrich will reserve the meeting location. 

  2. The Meeting adjourned at 2:55 pm. 

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