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Minutes of Advisory Committee on 
Control of Emissions from Motor Vehicles

held on August 26, 2005 at 1:00 pm 
at the South Valleys Library 
15650A Wedge Parkway, Reno, NV. 89511


Andy Goodrich, WC-AQMD – Chairman (Primary)
Dennis Ransel, CC-DAQEM (Primary
Glenn Smith, DMV-CED (Primary
Jennifer Carr, NDEP (Primary

Dennis Taylor, NDOT (Primary

Lloyd Nelson, DMV (Primary

Sig Jaunarajs, NDEP-BAQ (Primary


Chet Sergent, NDEP (Alternate
Connie Anderson, TMRP (Primary

Daryl James, TMRP (Alternate

Leif Anderson, NDOT (Alternate

John Koswan, CC-DAQ (Alternate

Michael Sword, CC-DAQ (Alternate

Michael Uhl, CC-DAQ (Primary

Ralph Felices, DMV-CED (Alternate

Roxanne Johnson, NDEP (Primary
Non-Voting Member
Steven Grabski, NDOA (Alternate

Vernon Miller, NDOA (Primary


Debbie Shope, DMV 
Peter Krueger, Nevada Emission Testers 
Pat Mohn, NDOT-ENV 
Scott Allen, TMCC 
Sam Byington, TMCC 
Troy Dillard, DMV


1. Call to Order

A. Chairman Andrew Goodrich called to order the meeting of the Advisory Committee on Control of Emissions from Motor Vehicles at 1:05 pm.

B. Committee introductions took place along with the public that was present.

2. Approval of 04/26/2005 Meeting Minutes

A. Minutes of April 26th 2005 were approved without any changes.

B. Dennis Ransel requested that we set up the minutes header for following meeting minutes with a quorum outline similar to the Southern Nevada Regional Planning meeting minutes. Dennis will send website to Ivie for reference.

3. Testing Standards for Passenger Vehicles

A. Glenn briefed the Committee on conflicts that he came across in NRS and NAC pertaining to the definition of a passenger vehicle. Currently, NRS states 10 passengers for heavy-duty motor vehicles while NAC states 15. Glenn requested that regulation be drafted to make NAC consistent with NRS.

B. The Committee moved to have DMV draft regulation to have NAC match NRS. The motion seconded and all of the committee was in favor with non-opposed.

C. The DMV will draft new regulation to:

D. The Committee recommended that OBD II testing of these vehicles should be discussed and the topic be placed onto a future agenda. Currently, due to software design there is no way to test these vehicles using OBD II.

4. Kit Cars

A. Lloyd Nelson is currently working on a Policy and Procedure pertaining to Replica Kits bought without drive trans. Statue states that these vehicles are to be tested pre 1996 2speed idle and 1996 and newer as OBD, however the newer Kits do not normally have the OBD. The DMV would like to ask the Committee what their suggestion is. Do we test based on the year of the chassis as Procedure currently calls for or should we start testing based on engine year as we do with an engine swap, or should we look into placing the Kit cars into a different category of “Replica.”

B. The Committee requested that Lloyd research what Colorado is doing for these vehicles and bring back for input to the next I/M Committee Meeting.

5. NAC 445B.590 Waivers

A. Lloyd has been reviewing NRS 445B. and has found according to statute, if we are issuing OBDII waivers, then we will need to draft language to allow for OBD II waivers. NRS 445B.825 states that we may issue a waiver if a vehicle is unable to pass testing and the Commission’s set dollar amount of repairs has been reached. If we are not issuing OBD II Waivers, then we are in compliance and nothing further will need to be done.

General Discussion

6. Discussion of Comprehensive Review Regulations – Emissions NAC 445B.

A. There was a low turn out to the Workshops that were held in July in both Las Vegas and Reno.

B. Requests were made by the industry for minor language revisions.

C. A Final Workshop and Hearing will be held in October, no date has been finalized at this time.

7. Discussion of AB 239 and NDEP –NAC Language Amendments.

A. NDEP is holding a Workshop directly following the I/M Committee meeting at 3:30 pm. To review the drafted language of NAC 445B.044.

B. The recommendation was made for the Committee to support the drafted language. All of the Committee was in favor.

C. Andy wanted for the record to show that the committee voted unanimously on supporting the drafted language for AB239.

8. Discussion of SB26

A. This NAC is on streamlining the Grant distribution process of Washoe and Clark County. Workshops and Hearings have been scheduled starting September 20th. Ivie will send out a copy of the posting to all Committee members and Interested Parties once it has been posted.

B. If you have any questions on SB26 you may also contact Larry Berry at 684-4623 for a Bi-Monthly reference for funds in Pollution Control Account.

9. Open Discussion on other Legislative issues.

A. Sig with NDEP introduced the proposed recommendations made by the Committee on the testing of Alternative Fuels. Sig requested for the Committee to review the finalized copy of the recommendations one more time and put it to a vote.

B. The Committee approved the motion to send the proposed recommendations on the testing of Alternative Fuels to the DMV for drafting of language.

C. Lloyd informed the Committee that he would also show these guidelines (recommendations) to the existing and New Vendors for Software updates needed to comply.

10. Public Comment

A. There was no public Comment

11. Next meeting and adjournment

A. The next I/M Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for October 20th at 1:00 pm in Las Vegas.

B. Dennis Taylor will reserve the meeting location. Dennis Ransel has offered assistance if Leif should need any.

D. The Meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.

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